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Preston Bailey is for me true art and inspiration. Becoming one of his talented and signature designer is for me a true honor.

From a sketch to life, with a touch of Glamour and amazing creativity. Ambiance and decoration setting combined to a perfect Planning. From beauty to functionality – We Love Wowing  You.  Following the rules and inspiration techniques of this amazing human being, Monica will create your celebrity extravaganza with glamour and uniqueness from all angles and tickling your 6 senses. Productions follows design. We follow your needs, likes and budget to create an incredible extravaganza you and your guests will feel  at the same pampered and surprised . Every detail is planned, thought , created and placed. Have your own concept we put in it a touch of Glam to explode it. Renderings &  approval samplings  to have a pre-view taste of your event . That will  just leave you with the temptation of wanting to be there already.

Custom gifting, invites, welcome and pillow gifting design and production . Branded or just top quality.

Get advice! Please do not hesitate as I’m here, send a form and I’ll contact you as soon as possible!

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