Destination Wedding In Italy

Explore our areas we selected for you, we can advise and plan Your Destination wedding !

  • Tuscan Countryside

    Tuscan Countryside

    What a better description for the Tuscan countryside setting for your event. Rolling hills, vineyards,Olivegroves and sunshine color wheat and sunflower clay hills.

  • Tuscan Coast line

    Tuscan Coast line

    The tuscan beaches and getting more and more popular, not only for the beauty and the diversity of the coast line , but its Hot spots, night life, shopping & events.

  • Florence


    Anywhere you will look, anywhere you will be: the Renaissance will surround you and cuddle your soul, embrace your destination event or Destnation wedding.

  • Sardegna


    A personal flair made by Turquoise waters ,white and pink sand beaches & incredible typical foods and wines.

  • Portofino-Riviera


    Small nestled villages typical of the area, amazing luxuruous villas and anywhere you look out to the blue sea the views are breathtaking .

  • Lake Como

    Lake Como

    Yup That’s what made the lake so famous worldwide. Thank you Geoge! But ever thought “WHY” did George choose this place?

  • Amalfi Coast

    Amalfi Coast

    A charming part of italy where most people leave their heart due to the beauty of the place, the warm hearts of the locals,the views and natural beauties, its typical authentic flair.

  • Rome


    Rome, the eternal city with it’s incredible history of conquer, power and intuition to live for ever. Big, fun and intense are it’s main charatetistics today.

  • Venezia


    NO other place on earth and this is what makes it so special, the romance is at every turn, every bridge, every view.