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An event with a view

Anywhere you will look, anywhere you will be : the Renaissance will surround you and cuddle your soul, embrace your destination event or Destnation wedding. Florence , home town of incredible world known artists like da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo and many more woudl love to welocme you,as still alive in their works today. Florence headquarter offices of the major international fashion haute couture desigers :Ferragamo, Gucci, Cavalli, Pucci and many others. Florence descrived by all who have been here as : a small unique ranaissance gem –where every step you take is infused of arts – among monuments, statues, churches.

Florence:The city of love.

Planning an event here has these pros:

And these slight challenges we love to face and solve:
Do not hesitate asking for advise, I am here for this ! Send me a Form and I will be back in a blink!


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