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La piazzetta ed un aperitivo – (the piazzetta and a cocktail hr)

Windy roads, cliffs and la Dolcevita flair still lives in this small piece of heaven. Small nestled villages typical of the area, amazing luxuruous villas and anywhere you look out to the blue sea the views are breathtaking. A destion event here is truely a way of being and a way of living that is unique. The piazzetta of Portofino, worldwide known spot for a drink at sunset to be glamorous. The perfect setting for a one of a kind event where the world needs to talk about it. My personal preference is the atmosphere which you may only understad when taking a trip here. Resorts, homes, private villas , castles ,ancient monastries, Yachts and much more are waiting for you to witness your destination event and pamper you and your guests.

Great water or mountain activities.

Planning an event here has these pros:

And these slight challenges we love to face and solve:
Do not hesitate asking for advise, I am here for this ! Send me a Form and I will be back in a blink!

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