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  • Grand Hotel De La Minerve - Roma
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The eternal city – is alive.

Rome, the eternal city with it’s incredible history of conquer, power and intuition to live for ever. Big, fun and intense are it’s main charatetistics today. My personal preference belongs to re-creating Rome at it’s glory days – play with movie sets, go back in time and enjoy life just as Romans did . Wines,foods and entertainment were the basics for each party. Naturally to this – you must add a personal interest to arts-where Rome will never turn you down on. And be ready for theme parties here, step back in time and live the times of an ancient roman, it will be gloroius and an incredible adventure. Destination events and corporate events may live a dream back in time through team building activities combined to leisure times with no match.

Planning an event here has these pros:

And these slight challenges we love to face and solve:
Do not hesitate asking for advise, I am here for this ! Send me a Form and I will be back in a blink!

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