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The ball behind the mask.

Venice is a very romantic city, with it’s spectacular narrow walking streets, its bridges and the lagoon. NO other place on earth and this is what makes it so special, the romance is at every turn, every bridge, avery view. Either it’s your destination wedding or your coporate event behind the carnival, this city is one of a kind . Reproduced all over the world, come to the authentic , one and only. The arts are just incredible as the blown Murano Glass and the islands. The Palazzo’s, private villas, private islands, museums, resort may be a great way to celebrate in a place no one ever did before.

The only limit here is your imagination.

Planning an event here has these pros:

And these slight challenges we love to face and solve:
Do not hesitate asking for advise, I am here for this ! Send me a Form and I will be back in a blink!

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