Who’s Monica

Monica balli event designer plannerMonica Balli always had a passion for event planning. During her years in the young Leos and then in Lions’ Club Associations, she planned charity events with enthusiasm and aplomb. As the years went by, her zeal for planning increased… as did her family! She married Max in 2000, and in 2003 their beautiful daughter Giada was born. Monica’s connection to event productions continued, due to her work of designer of floral arrangements and décor settings for several Florence-based catering companies.

After one season of wedding planning with another company, in 2004 she created her very own wedding planning business in cooperation with a high-end tour operator. Monica couldn’t be happier of the success of the venture… In the years she quickly learned by first-person experience working in LA, New York, Miami and naturally Italy.

Thanks to her degree in landscaping design, she also understood the subtleties of both artificial and natural ambiance. Not only, as her degree gives her Botanical knowledge, designing and projecting skills, and also the capability to visualize the transformations of a location and venue. Her interests lead her to study and produce the most fantastic and surreal designs as per her popular phrase: if you can dream it I can produce it!

Monica only works with the best professionals. Her partners need to play in her symphony perfectly, her talent is to magnificently orchestrate. Nothing is left to itself nor to chance …. All is planned and sorted; even plan B and C!

Monica Balli is well aware that to evolve, develop and arise one must be in constant motion and that these arrive from in-person work but also learning from the best… this is why she is always in search of new incentives, experiences and challenges. She is willing to cooperate with other producers as jealousy is not within her, but rather convinced that only confronting it is possible to grow and achieve further knowledge.

Member of ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) since 2007. Is constantly on search of professional and ethic development and evolution; Monica holds seminars and courses to be up to date in Italy and worldwide.

Monica Balli also attended Preston Bailey’s Wedding and Event Designer courses. This is to be involved and evolve to the latest trends at the highest levels – which are what she calls standard.

Her belief to you know the right standards Monica also follows her belief that to you must know and appreciate what you offer so took certified courses from Bartender, personal makeup, up to first aid …. and is always ready for the next step!

Following her belief that everyone has the right to have a Wow event, wedding or party, Monica wrote a Wedding Planner Agenda Workbook for the Do It Yourself Brides, an iphone App, and teaches a few courses a year. She also has a Talk with the Wedding Planner show on an italian tv network and is often on the press..

Monica Balli is Italy’s finest weddings and events  planner and production. She is renowned for her breathtaking events and for coordinating luxury trips with her Tour Operator Platinum Adventure Company.

Monica is also strongly motivated concerning environmental issues. This led her to the search of recycled paper for the stationery and paper work. Also concerning flowers – looking for season beauties and ones which are grown without the use of pesticides. This is because keeping Earth healthy is a main priority!